Molotov Sandwich

Album project: “Konphusion and the Blue Cheese Dream”


Molotov Sandwich played the gig circuit in Leeds for over 3 years and wrote loads of great songs with influences from rock, metal, prog and iranian folk music.  The recording for their debut album begun in March 2008 and has been a rollercoaster ride of excitement, confusion, surprise and ultimately satisfaction.

We brought in guest musicians with unusual instruments such as accordion, mandolin, cello and some pigs eating biscuits.  Now in the final stages of mixing and post-production, we can bring you previews of one track from their forthcoming album, “Konphusion and the Blue Cheese Dream”.  Enjoy!


Socket + Seizure

Live Project: Techno/Dubstep/Electronica


Socket + Seizure produce and perform tunes with computers, turntables and homemade electronics.  Floor-shaking bass, pounding beats and just downright weirdness pervades their techy-sounding output.  Using Burning Studios as their production HQ, they will be playing their debut event later this spring.

Watch them on their blog modding electronic toys and instruments to make horrible and insane noises. Read about their cunning plans and keep your eyes peeled for their free promo CDs…



Composition & Performance


Atacama is an ongoing project involving Jay from Burning Studios and his good friend Jon Barnard. Using electronics combined with acoustic instruments, they create melodic and atmospheric works, some of which have been placed in film productions. During the latter half of 2007 they organised a live performance of their work, accompanied by super8 projections which can be seen on Vimeo.

Here you will find a selection of their best tracks. We hope there will be more to come in the future when Jon returns from Monaco!

Left Eye Blind

Music Composition, Sound Design & Foley


Left Eye Blind is a film-making collective of directors, producers and editors. Their sole ambition is to create visually exciting media. The collective is made up of filmmakers who have been recognised as some of the best up-and-coming directing talent in the UK.

They commission and produce pop promos for the music industry from initial concept to final delivery. They collaborate with the best new talent to always create original and cutting edge videos.

Left Eye Blind is signed to Academy Films for music videos and commercials.

Burning Studios has worked with them on several projects. We composed and produced a piece of music for a short film called “The Twitch” about two fanatical ornithologists which was entered in the 48 hour short film competition in 2008. We also did the sound design, foley and music for a commercial for Axe deodorant that Left Eye Blind entered in the Kodak commercial competition.

Ste Darling

EP project: Debut Release for Singer/Songwriter


Ste Darling is a promising new talent from Sheffield who is currently writing, recording and producing his debut release with us at Burning Studios. He is a skilled multi-instrumentalist, writing parts for guitar, electric guitar, bass and percussion alongside his vocals.

His enthusiastic and driven approach, combined with his high standards in sound and choice of instruments make Ste one to watch for the future. He will be performing live later this year but in the mean time we can bring you some previews of his work below.

Jon Barnard

Acoustic Singer Songwriter


Jon Barnard is a singer-songwriter who has a fantastic voice and great songwriting skills. He is currently living in Monaco (lucky man) and is working on new material. He has been working with Burning Studios for many years and deserves your attention. Again, watch this space for news as we intend to go to Monaco to record his latest material for release later this year.