rX28 Kwantum Fish DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!


Burning Studios is proud to announce the release of the debut album by rX28 entitled “Kwantum Fish”. After years in the making it is finally here! Fusing styles including jungle, hip-hop, techno, dub and drum & bass it delivers nine tracks that we feel are of critical importance to our times.

In what could be described as stream-of-consciousness breakbeat poetry, rX28 uses wordsmith skills and a deep knowledge of rhythm to weave tales around this diverse work of contemporary electronic music.

Previews of three tracks can be heard below:

[audio:http://www.burningstudios.co.uk/Music2008/rX28/Clip1_-_rX28_-_Kindred_Peoples_-_192kbps.mp3|titles=Clip: Kindred Peoples|artists=rX28] [audio:http://www.burningstudios.co.uk/Music2008/rX28/Clip2_-_rX28_-_I_And_This_Time_Of_Locusts_-_192kbps.mp3|titles=Clip: I And This Time Of Locusts|artists=rX28] [audio:http://www.burningstudios.co.uk/Music2008/rX28/Clip3_-_rX28_-_Formations_-_192kbps.mp3|titles=Clip: Formations|artists=rX28]

Written, mixed & mastered by R.McCarthy & J.Jelliman at Burning Studios, this release will also be available as a limited edition hard-copy CD from November 1st for the sum of £8 + postage & packaging. To reserve your copy contact us at rx28@burningstudios.co.uk.



rX28 on SoundClick

A future underground legend, rX28 has been working with Burning Studios to produce his first release. Bringing together jungle, electronica, drum n bass, hiphop, industrial metal, dub, garage, left-field poetry and verse with a cut-throat delivery and razor-sharp production, this release brims with inspired lyrics, cutting-edge sounds and relentless rhythms.

We have been working with rX28 for over 10 years and without his influence, motivation and spirit Burning Studios would not be where it is today so it is with great honour and excitement that we announce this collaboration. Also big shout outs to Stuart Childs, Jonty Schofield, Jon Barnard, Fionn McCarthy, Kidd Kaos, Defazed and all the rest!

The man himself is truly prolific and vast quantities of past work have been unleashed over the years. You may have one of his fabled mix tapes (which I might just start digitising and uploading), or you may have heard one of his many collaborations with other artists including Seizure, Defazed, Headphobe, Sidewayz and Taradiddle. Check out our portfolio page for a few teasers.

Also check out the myspace: www.myspace.com/kwantumfish

Ste Darling Sessions at Burning Studios

Ste Darling has written some new songs and will be coming to Burning Studios this weekend for a two-day session. Laying down acoustic guitar, bass and vocals with him has generated some excellent results which we can tease you with below. His new EP is really coming together and we will continue to post updates as progress is made.

We want to let you know that Tasha Williams is collaborating with us on the project. She is a singer/songwriter with a great voice and also an accomplished pianist, who also creates original visual art which you can see here . Brass and cello may also feature in the tracks which we hope will be finished over the next few months.

Austin Cassell – Tetra EP Mix & Mastering Project

austin_cassell_1Austin Cassell is possibly the most unnerving electronica producer in the North at this time. Signed to the free net label Swishcotheque he has released his debut album “Woodrup” for free download here: www.swishco.co.uk

Burning Studios is proud to have been asked to mix and master his forthcoming EP release “Tetra” which brings together some of the most disturbing melodies and sounds we have heard for some time. Check out Austin Cassell on myspace at: www.myspace.com/austincasselluk

Madame Laycock & Her Dabeno Pleasures

madame_laycock_1Burning Studios is proud to announce a forthcoming project – we are honoured to be producing Madame Laycock & Her Dabeno Pleasures’ debut album. Kathleen, Charlie, Mildred, Zoe and their Solicitor will be bringing you a vaudeville feast of burlesque brilliance, with accordions, violin, percussion and tales of twisted circus freaks in the very near future!

Watch this space… and this one: www.myspace.com/madamlaycockandherdabenopleasures

Guest House sessions this weekend

blessed-houseBurning Studios is currently collaborating with Guest House for his upcoming solo EP.  Guest House is part of the Blessed House crew who are a hiphop act from Leeds, with two MCs, Guest House & Bibs, and two DJs, Majestyk & Dooban who perform live shows in the UK.  We are bringing in a guest female vocalist for one of the tracks called Natasha Williams, a Leeds-based singer-songwriter, pianist and visual artist who has worked with Burning Studios on many other projects. Watch this space for some preview tracks to be posted at the weekend but in the meantime check them on myspace at: www.myspace.com/blessedhouse

Touch down!

Welcome to the new Burning Studios website which is currently still under development. Check back soon for a full portfolio section of our past work and current projects. I’m off to the NTI Creative Networks event at the Leeds Art College now for some free food and a bit of industry mingling!