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Seizure’s Acid Jungle Flavours!

Seizure has been busy in the basement, playing with acid, getting it all over his hands.. and he’s not been wearing gloves. … … [audio:|titles=Window Pain|artists=Seizure] [audio:|titles=Buzzwider|artists=Seizure] [audio:|titles=Practical Lessons|artists=Seizure] [audio:|titles=Afterburner|artists=Seizure] … More flavours to come.. shouts going out to rX28, Matt, Stu, Jonti & Tentacle!

rX28 – Kwantum Fish DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!

… … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … Burning Studios is proud to announce the release of the debut album by rX28 entitled “Kwantum Fish”.  After years in the making it is finally here! Fusing styles including jungle, hip-hop, techno, dub and drum & bass it delivers […]

Seizure Breaks Mix @ The Magic Castle Experiment ’08

Summer is coming and I am ready to deliver a hard sound-track for sunny-time sessions. Using Ableton Live, Traktor and my Novation SL25 knob-bank I’ll be whipping up some crunchy breaks, creamy techno and cherry-popping trance at a party near you soon! In the meantime check a breaks mix from the Magic Castle Experiment in […]

rX28 Kwantum Fish DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!

rX28 and the Kwantumfish will be producing an album with Burning Studios at the end of March, bringing jungle, hiphop, drum n bass, dub, electronica, poetry and verse together with cut-throat delivery and razor-sharp production.

Austin Cassell – Tetra EP Mix & Mastering Project

Austin Cassell is possibly the most unnerving electronica producer in the North at this time. Signed to the free net label Swishcotheque he has released his debut album “Woodrup” for free download here: … Burning Studios is proud to have been asked to mix and master his forthcoming EP release “Tetra” which brings together […]