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rX28 Kwantum Fish DEBUT ALBUM OUT NOW!

rX28 and the Kwantumfish will be producing an album with Burning Studios at the end of March, bringing jungle, hiphop, drum n bass, dub, electronica, poetry and verse together with cut-throat delivery and razor-sharp production.

Ste Darling Sessions at Burning Studios

Ste Darling has written some new songs and will be coming to Burning Studios this weekend for a two-day session. Laying down acoustic guitar, bass and vocals with him has generated some excellent results which we can tease you with below. His new EP is really coming together and we will continue to post updates […]

Austin Cassell – Tetra EP Mix & Mastering Project

Austin Cassell is possibly the most unnerving electronica producer in the North at this time. Signed to the free net label Swishcotheque he has released his debut album “Woodrup” for free download here: … Burning Studios is proud to have been asked to mix and master his forthcoming EP release “Tetra” which brings together […]

Madame Laycock & Her Dabeno Pleasures

Burning Studios forthcoming album project – Madame Laycock & Her Dabeno Pleasures debut album.

Guest House sessions this weekend

Burning Studios is currently collaborating with Guest House for his upcoming solo EP.  Guest House is part of the Blessed House crew who are a hiphop act from Leeds, with two MCs, Guest House & Bibs, and two DJs, Majestyk & Dooban who perform live shows in the UK.  We are bringing in a guest […]

Touch down!

Welcome to the new Burning Studios website which is currently still under development. Check back soon for a full portfolio section of our past work and current projects. I’m off to the NTI Creative Networks event at the Leeds Art College now for some free food and a bit of industry mingling!